"The Movement" is our second kids hip hop CD. It is a powerful exploration of the inner lives of children from the inner-city to the suburbs. Addressing issues of identity, giftedness and deep need, it communicates a message of hope for a new generation. For K through 8th grade.

“You Come Too” is our first kid's

hip hop record. It's born of fresh

insights from real encounters with kids, so it carries an immediacy and excitement that could only come from experience. For pre-k through elementary.

Bursting with enthusiasm, motivation and a fresh approach to music and movement, Keep It Movin is a DVD concert experience where everyone will find a place and a voice. Featuring the Figureheads, their award-winning music and fantastic dance moves, Keep It Movin inspires and celebrates children. For pre-k through elementary.

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Fulfill the Dream is a new project by the Figureheads for ages 7-12 that presents empowering messages to youth about their own inner life and value. With songs like "Soul Bling," you're in for an inspirational and colorful ride through youth development and music. Designed for adults as well, these songs are teaching tools and connection points for parents, mentors and educators.

"You Come Too: A Step Toward Inclusion" is a creative and practical resource for teachers and parents. It includes principles, insights and stories for use in the classroom and the living room and it focuses on how to encourage and include kids who face significant challenges. For teachers & parents of pre-K through elementary.

Fire in the Soul is a revolutionary new album by The Figureheads for and about teenagers. Figureheads use the analogy of "fire-building" to talk about activating one's potential, social justice, female empowerment, broken heartedness and more. It's a powerful CD soon to be an interactive website for teachers and teens. check out :


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Is Anyone Listening? is an inspiring and challenging CD raising awareness about mental illness and exploring and shattering the stigmas attached to it. Each song speaks to the core issues surrounding mental health issues, from parenting challenges and being judged to seeing beyond the struggles to the oftentimes hidden beauty in the youth who struggle with mental illness.


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