A Complete Review Of Academized.com – 3/5

As a student, are you on the lookout for the right website for help with the right essay writing services? If yes you have reasons to go through this article. There is no doubt that there are many such sites that offers unique and efficient services. This makes the task of making the right choice quite tough. However, there are many who feel that academized.com could be a good choice. They are quite popular amongst scores of high school students because of some obvious benefits and advantages. We will evaluate the website on some important parameters. We are sure it will be helpful for students to make the right choice.

Usability And Design Of The Site

One of the main reasons for the growing popularity of academized.com could perhaps be because of quality website that they have provided to their customers. In terms of information pertaining to the various services offered by them or the overall layout, looks and appearance of the website, there are reasons to believe that Academized.com is quite good. Students can get almost all information they need just by spending around 10 to 15 minutes in the website. The information is structured and the flow of information from one page to another is quite good. Online ordering is possible and there also is a chat facility with supportive staff to help students to get their doubts clarified. The first look and feel at the website does offer positive vibes as far as the students are concerned.

Quality Of Writers

While the website is well designed and structured, for students it is the quality of writers that matters the most. They have a big team of highly qualified, experienced and skilled essay writing professionals. Most of them are eloquent English speakers apart from being able to help students who need essays to be written in a few other languages. The teachers know the topic thoroughly and therefore there is no beating around the bush. They know the structure that needs to be followed and it meets exactly the needs and requirements of the colleges and universities where they are undergoing their studies.


Yes, at the end of the day there is no doubt that price is a very important factor when deciding on such online essay writing services. Academized.com offers rates that are competitive. However, there could be a few more such online service providers whose rates could be much lower. But at the end of the day, prices and quality go in hand and one cannot be compromised for the other. Students are generally happy with the pricing and they have different structures and layers of pricing depending on the kind of services that they need from this service provider. The services offered are quite wide and cover academic paper writing, proofreading, editing, copywriting and solving Physic, Economic, Math and Statistic Problems. Hence, the website offers a price offering that covers the entire gamut of essay writing and other allied services.

Deadlines Without Compromising Paper Quality

Quite often, many online essay writing service providers are found to be quite lax when it comes to meeting deadlines for students. However, this may not be the case with Academized.com. They have clearly defined deadlines and they discuss the same with the students before committing a timeline. Once the timeline has been decided and fixed in consultation with the students, the website adheres to it. Hence, this not only helps students in paper quality but also assists them in meeting the timelines that they may have promised to their colleges and universities.

Customer Service

These online essay writing professionals operate from a distant location and there is no physical meeting between the students and the professors and writers. Hence, the success or otherwise of sites like Academized.com would depend on the kind of customer service they offer. Going by reviews and other feedbacks, Academized.com do offer reasonably good customer support that is comparable with the best industry standards. This helps students to not only complete their projects on time but also proactively participate and push their candidature in various company offers that might come their way.


When we look at Academized.com and review it based on the above parameters, there are a few things that stand out. They are reasonably good online essay writing and other allied service providers. They have a reasonably good track record and their commitment to quality, meeting timelines and reasonably pricing is quite good. Therefore, it does make sense for students to have a closer look at Academized.com and then take an informed decision.