Review – 3/5 packages itself as the best writing service that handles custom papers on time. Furthermore, better grades are guaranteed. As a student with a heavy workload, it is very easy to believe this. However, an we trust them? Are they exactly what they say? This review will help you decide for yourself.

Before we even go further, this is not a site I can recommend to anyone. You want a complete package of good services. You want a site that will give you the best customer care, beat deadlines, output quality work for better grades and give you the value of your money. Let’s find out more.

Usability and Design of the writing company site

The design of the website is not attractive enough to keep a customer there. Let’s just say, a tired person cannot navigate it. The site has all the information a person seeking their writing services may need. However, the most important information is placed at the bottom of the site. At some point you can get tired of scrolling and think there is no more information at the bottom.

Links to pages like Home, About Us, FAQ, How it works, Order content, and Contact support are not even at the top of the website front page. This makes it difficult to surf in case you want a shortcut to the pages. Can you believe all this information is at the bottom of the page? The other part of the site is just filled with fluff. They just published most of the information without proofreading and hence grammatical errors are many.

Quality of writers

This company advertises itself as one with the most professional and high quality essay writers. Well, they write yes; but can you be confident about the quality of your academic papers? Let’s start from the website.

There are lots of grammatical mistakes on the front page. I was surprised to see the word “qoute” and could not just figure out what that was. I had to type in my search engine just to confirm if indeed it was an English word.

I bumped into another subheading written “why customers loves us”. Worse still, there was this long sentence. “Get quality essays from Assignment Writing Service do not wait and ORDER NOW”! These are just a few of the many mistakes I noticed on the website.

Can you really trust such writers with your academic papers? I believe advertisement should be the most perfect way to show what you can offer. It is a mirror to your business. If you can write bad spellings on your ad, can you really deliver an academic essay without spelling mistakes? Well, the answer lies in your hands.


About pricing, I must admit that there is an indication of discounts. You can get a 20% off for the first order you place. In addition, ordering two or more papers guarantees a 30% discount. However, these discounts are only valid for non-coding papers with deadlines of more than 10 days.

There was also something like “Get a free qoute”. I assumed they meant “quote”. However, is it really free? No. This is just a way of attracting possible customers who don’t have enough money.

If you thought there is anything more about pricing, you are wrong. This is the only information about pricing available. Of course you can enjoy huge discounts if your paper is longer. However, what will you be paying for? Cheap is expensive. Don’t be surprised if what you get is total crap.

With the same amount, you can get a high quality academic service from a better and reputable writing company. There are even companies that charge less.

Deadlines promises to deliver all assignments within the stipulated time. However, they are not as fast as they say. The only information about deadlines on their website is the statement “any deadline, any subject”.

Customer service

There is a 24/7 customer support through their phone number and email. There is nothing like a live chat or any better mode of customer support. The rate of response through the phone number is very low.

You cannot get immediate help in case your concern is urgent. Asking for a refund is a difficult process and you better brace yourself if you are going to seek their services.


To be honest, has a very long way to go. They should highly improve on the quality of papers they give to their customers. No one is going to spend money on a plagiarized essay or poorly written content. Who wants to take chances when it comes to academic grades? Until they make changes on their website and hire better writers, I cannot recommend them.