Review – 2/5

In the recent past, online essay writing services have become imperative in helping students and learners pursue their academic excellence while saving time, effort, and money. Companies offering such services have sprung to the peak with each trying to win more customers through diverse customers’ needs satisfaction. One of such essay writing service providers is

They offer a range of services which include but not limited to coursework, term paper, research proposals, article review, business plan, speech, dissertation, and thesis. Most of the essay writing service providers have many praises and claims to entice students to upload their tasks, yet they may not live up to their adverts. Therefore, it becomes a daunting task to assess the best company to entrust with your assignments. Does live to its promises? The review below has more; let’s explore it.

Usability and design of the site

There are not much to complain about site design and usability. The most disgusting thing is the less customized random content on the webpage. Another flaw is the huge and heavy site which are hard to access with simple devices such as phones; only PC can do. Besides the two, other things are okay. The site is user-friendly with easy navigation. The displayed content is nicely organized with clear instructions on how to reach in case of any query. With this, I give 2.5/5 stars.

Quality of writers

These are academic work; professional writing is paramount. I was on a test of how quality is the writers of, I uploaded my work, but I was surprised by what I was given. It seems like the writers are inexperienced and unaware of what they are doing only after money. After paying expensively for my short piece of work, what I was given in short was something written in next to “broken English.” It seems a non-English speaker wrote the work. The work was partially plagiarized with shallow content and many basic grammar mistakes. I had to re-write the work with another company. The only thing that was impressive with Edusson writers is the paper format; they seem to have adept knowledge on that. For the quality of writers, 1/5 can do.


Edusson charges $30 per page for standard work. The company claim to generally offers various discounts as most competitors do, but they are not clearly defined. Even if such discounts exist, I was not informed or rather didn’t see for the one time I used their services.

One gets enticed on just seeing the list. The list for various discounts is long but confusing, the only thing you can see is 30% off, 20% off, 10% off and so on but no specification on what and how to get such discounts. The price one pays is not worth the final product and as well not accommodative, especially to learners on a tight budget. For the price, I think 2/5 can suffice.


The most impressive feature with Edusson is the deadline. The minimum deadline is 3 hours. Once you upload the work, writers immediately start work and will not be surprised to get the work long before your deadline. With Edusson, you will have enough time to go through your work and call for any revision you may want. I was impressed to get the work a day before; if the work could have been informative and error-free, then I would not have been having lateness complaints from my professor. With the deadline, I give 3/5 stars.

Customer service

Edusson has customer friendly support team available on a 24/7 basis and willing to assist in any issue. In fact, on the company website, customers and writers are encouraged to feel free communicating on the company platform on any item. There is a live chat option for faster communication among the parties. The only problem with Edusson customer service is the slow response rate. For my case, it took the support team several hours to reply to my message. Once they answered me, I felt treated as a human being. Not to say because I was the client, also writers all well treated, I could follow the conversation, and it was lively etiquette, and friendly among us the three parties. For customer service, I give Edusson 3/5.


Generally, there is a clear indication that Edusson offers shoddy work despite being for the academic purpose, which might result in unpleasant performance. There are lots of areas should polish to improve customer satisfaction. On average I give a 2/5 rating.