Review – Short on Quality Content – 2/5

Unprofessional Website Design

The website looks very unprofessional. It seems like the site was thrown together haphazardly, and every section is packed with

repetitious content and exaggerated claims. Eight links labeled as different sections of a dissertation led to general descriptions of the sections, but they were all underneath the same content listing ways to use a paper from MasterPapers. The options at the bottom of the site for choosing a research paper, essay, and other options did the same. They all contained generalized descriptions of the services offered underneath the points highlighting the uses of MasterPapers.

Quality of Professional Writers

The quality of the high school essay was not satisfactory.The essay wasn’t worth an A, or even a B. The dismal quality calls into

question the website’s claims of hiring expert writers with advanced degrees.The finished product contained minimal spelling and grammar errors, but the paper was not structured or formatted well. There were very few sources, andthe sources were not cited correctly. The samples provided on the site for coursework, research papers, dissertations, and term papers are not terribly written, but they are just average. Some of the phrasing is very odd and repetitive. It is not the level of quality I expected from a site claiming to use only professional writers.

Prices, Discounts, and Bonus Money

The price quoted for one single-spaced page of a college-level essay is $19.24. Essays or research papers, even at a high school

level, are usually more than a single page. Five pages cost nearly $100, which is ludicrous for a high-school student. Many services I consider normal aspects of writing any academic paper are available for extra fees. Additional services for extra fees include:

-plagiarism reports

– one page summary

-top writer

– extra QAD check

– updates via text message

I believe this is deceptive because the site repeatedly claims that all of their writers are vetted and have appropriate degrees. There

is no mention of different levels of writer quality outside of the pricing options. I believe plagiarism reports, summaries, and QAD checks are an assumed part of the writing service and should not be listed as optional for extra fees. There is also an option to make the assignment a top priority for $9.99.Choosing the priority option is supposed to put the order at the top of the available order queue for writers to accept. The basic service package lists ‘automated writer assigning,’ so I’m not sure how placing an order at the top of a queue is faster than assigning it to a writer specifically.

Discount pricing, special offers, and coupon codes are offered, but the explanation for receiving a discount or detailing how bonus

money is added to a personal account balance are confusing. Some statements regarding discounts and coupon codes seem to contradict other statements. There are specific terms and conditions for using coupon codes, but the terms aren’t explained until the order form is almost completed.

Deadlines andRevisions

The deadline was met, but further revisions were needed. The finished product required a great deal of editing, and there wasn’t enough time

to request revisions and wait for the writer to complete them. Some erroneous statements in the content itself were very obvious. Anyone with experience in academic writing should not have made such basic errors.


The positive aspects of MasterPapers’ customer service are friendly staff and quick responses. A free 24-hour hotline and live chat are

available for communication. They are quick to agree to fulfill requests for free revisions and cheerfully assure the customer that revisions will be completed, but revisions are not finished in time to meet deadlines. Communication with the actual writer was sparse, and the writer did not respond promptly.

Is MasterPapers a Good Choice?

Overall, MasterPapers deserves a 2/5 rating. I recommend careful thought and analysis of all available options before choosing

MasterPapers as an essay writing service. They charge significant fees that are probably difficult for most students to pay, and the quality provided is not worth the price. Their pricing seems to fit the industry standard though,so other options may be just as expensive. If MasterPapers is chosen toan essay or other assignment, make sure the deadline for the order will leave time for extensive editing or adding content before the paper is needed.